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COST Action 2100 Training School on Wireless Network Optimisation DVDs

10 lecturers, 106 attendees and an event.

The first COST2100 Training School was a three day event for scientists, researchers and wireless network designers, which took place from the 4th to the 6th of February 2008 in Wrocław, Poland. Given by 10 experts from academia and industry and with over 100 attendees, the successful course provided a deep insight into issues ranging from propagation to network aspects without neglecting mathematical formulations.

Follow the 15 hours of speeches given during the course on the DVDs produced and use them for your own scientific and technical aims, for network design and optimisation, study or teaching.  

A set of ten DVDs including the video recorded during the event is available at the following fees:

200 € (plus VAT and shipment expenses)

140 € (plus VAT and shipment expenses) for institutions registered to COST2100 or to the Training School at Feb. 1st 2008.

A low-quality trailer of the video can be downloaded below. Please note that the full video included in the DVDs is of much larger quality.

Quicktime version (150Kbps)

WindowsMedia9 version (200Kbps)

For more information and to buy a copy please contact the COST2100 secretary at secretary[at]