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Working Groups

Considering that COST2100 mainly deals with propagation and antenna, physical layer and radio network aspects and according to the structure of the previous COST Actions on mobile communications, COST2100 is organised in three Working Groups (WGs).

WGs might be organized in SubWorking Groups (SWGs) focused on specific topics. Moreover, the setup of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), dealing with cross layer issues and fostering interaction among different WGs, is expected.

The number of WGs will be fixed for the whole duration of the Action, whereas the number (and relevant topics) of SWGs and SIGs will be dinamically upgraded according to the interest of people involved in the Action.

So far, the following SWGs have been created:

  • SWG 2.1 "RF Aspects in UWB Communication and Localisation", chaired by Dr. Grzegorz Adamiuk;
  • SWG 2.2 "Compact Antenna Systems for Terminals", co-chaired by Dr. Buon Kiong Lau and Prof. Gert Frølund Pedersen;
  • SWG 2.3 "Reference Channel Modelling", chaired by Dr. Claude Oestges;
  • SWG 3.1 "Measurements Based Optimisation for Mobile Wireless Nets", chaired by Prof. Maciej Nawrocki.

Moreover, the following SIGs have been also created:

  • SIG A "COST2100 Reference Scenarios", chaired by Dr. Lucio Studer Ferreira;
  • SIG B "Hybrid Cellular and Broadcasting Networks", co-chaired by Dr. David Gomez-Barquero and Dr. Peter Unger;
  • SIG C "Mobile to Mobile Communications", chaired by Prof. Christoph Mecklenbräuker;
  • SIG D "Layer Interaction", chaired by Dr. Kimmo Kansanen;
  • SIG E "Body Communications", co-chaired by Prof. Jun-ichi Takada and Dr. Arie Reichman.